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Fossils on a Red Flag
SKU: 978-1-64662-442-3

Fossils on a Red Flag is a chap-book that describes the author's encounter with a history she was unaware of at the tender age of 17. In this book, Amelia Díaz Ettinger explores the target practices of the Navy in the small island of Culebra, a municipality of Puerto Rico.

"Right away, I was struck by the beauty of the poems in Amelia Ettinger's Fossils on a Red Flag, as well as their necessity. These poems of witness tell the mostly unknown history of the island of Culebra in Puerto Rico — its colonization and use for many years as a weapon training ground by the U.S. Navy. Yet Ettinger's poems also embody the rich natural history of this misused land, with its conch shells and turtlegrass, proving as this book attests over and over: "Even in the thunder of explosives/there was time for love."
         — James Crews, author of Bluebird and Every Walking Moment
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Learning to Love a Western Sky
SKU: 978-1-950404-04-9

Learning to Love a Western Sky is a reflection of the assimilation of the immigrant into the host landscape. It reveals the transition from nostalgia to integration and examines aging, loving, and betrayal in this foreign home.

"These poems sing a  duet of longing-love for a Puerto Rico far away and long ago, and devotion to the American West here and now. We would be poorer without such witness to both homelands, here in conversation through poetry. The rich double consciousness of Amelia Díaz Ettinger travels the lyric highway between then and now, there and here.  She reminds us to recover the exotic dimensions of memory and savor direct experience now."

—Kim Stafford, author of Wild Honey, Tough Salt
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Speaking at a Time/ Hablando a la Vez
SKU: 978-0-9895924-3-7

Speaking at a Time / Hablando a la Vez is a bilingual poetry book in English and Spanish. 

"Amelia Díaz Ettinger's book of poems, Speaking at a Time, is a gathering of poems about her family, the town of Caguas, and the race track, among other things. These recollections pulse with energy, and they echo the poetry of Lorca and Neruda.  This is a strong, first book"

— Peter Sears, Oregon Poet Laureate
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